State Balloting Process

A copy of the proposed initiative petition shall be filed
with the signatures of 20 qualified electors of the state in the Secretary of
State’s office. The Secretary of State shall immediately transmit a copy of
the proposed petition to the Attorney General for a Certificate of Review.
The Attorney General may confer with the petitioner and shall, within 20
working days after receipt, review the proposed petition for substantive
improvements and shall recommend to the petitioner such revision or
alteration of the measure as may be deemed necessary and appropriate.
The recommendations of the Attorney General shall be advisory only and
the petitioner may accept or reject them in whole or in part.

The Attorney General shall issue a certificate of review to the Secretary
of State certifying that he has reviewed the measure for form and style
and that the recommendations thereon, if any, have been
communicated to the petitioner, and such certificate shall be issued
whether or not the petitioner accepts such recommendations.

Any qualified elector of the state of Idaho may, at any time after the
certificate of review is issued, bring an action in the Supreme Court to
determine the constitutionality of the initiative.

Within 15 working days after the issuance of the Certificate of Review,
the petitioner, if he desires to proceed, with his sponsorship, shall inform
the Secretary of State, in writing, of his intent. The Attorney General shall
provide ballot titles, on the final proposal, within ten (10) working days.
Any person who is dissatisfied with ballot titles, may appeal to the
Supreme Court within 20 days after said ballot title is filed in the office of
the Secretary of State. This shall not prevent later judicial proceedings and
decisions on sufficiency of ballot titles. The Secretary of State shall transmit
the approved form with the ballot titles to the petitioners with printing
instructions. Any voter or group of voters may on or before July 20 prepare
and file an argument not to exceed 500 words, for or against any
measure. Rebuttal Arguments, not to exceed 250 words may be
submitted no later than August 1. Voter Pamphlets will be printed and
distributed by the Secretary of State no later than September 25.

Excerpted from the Initiative & Referendum Almanac by M. Dane Waters.

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