Ballot Qualifications & Schedule

Date Initiative language can be submitted: No deadline

Signatures are tied to vote of which office: Number of registered voters at
the last general election.

Next general election: 2010

Registered voters at last general election: 745,627

Net number of signatures required: 6% of registered voters at the last
general election (51,712)

Distribution Requirement: No

Circulation period: 18 Months

Do circulators have to be residents: Yes

Date when signatures are filed for certification: The proponents upon
receipt of ballot titles and approved form have an 18-month circulation
period or until April 30 in an election year whichever occurs earlier.

Signature verification process: Petitions are turned into the county clerks of
the counties in which the petitions are circulated. The county clerks verify
every signature.

Single-subject restriction: No

Legislative tampering: The legislature can both repeal an initiative (by
court ruling.

Excerpted from the Initiative & Referendum Almanac by M. Dane Waters.