You have no statewide Initiative & Referendum rights, but Philadelphia and Allegeney County (Pittsburgh) have local Initiative rights.


See the results of a poll on support for statewide initiative & referendum here.

Grade: F

Click here to view Pennsylvania’s individual report in Of the People, By the People, For the People: A 2010 Report Card on Statewide Voter Initiative Rights.

Citizen State Coordinator

For more information on to get involved in protecting and expanding Pennsylvania’s initiative process, contact the Citizens in Charge Foundation Pennsylvania Citizen State Coordinator:

Thomas Altman

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State Balloting Process

How to bring the ballot initiative process to Pennsylvania


Among the earliest initiative and referendum advocates in
Pennsylvania was Charles Fremont Thylor, M.D., of Philadelphia. Dr. Taylor,
one of the movement’s most successful publicists, edited and published its
periodical Equity (originally Equity Series) for over a decade… Read More

Ballot Qualifications & Schedule

There is currently no statewide initiative or referendum in Pennsylvania. Join Citizens in Charge Foundation and volunteer to help organize your state.