Don’t Let Them Kill Your Vote, Florida.

Proposal 97, which is now before Florida’s 37-member Constitution Revision Commission (CRC), would count anyone who doesn’t vote YES or NO on a ballot measure to be a NO vote.

How is that fair? And, considering that constitutional amendments in Florida must garner, already, a supermajority of 60 percent to win, why is this even being considered?

No wonder the League of Women Voters calls this idea “the worst of the worst,” arguing that Proposal 97 will “make it close to impossible for the constitution to be changed by initiative, by the Legislature or by any commission in the future.”

Proposal 97 seems custom-designed to allow big money interests to defeat reform measures even when two-thirds of Floridians vote for them.

Protect Your Rights — Stop Proposal 97! Tell the CRC

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Stop Proposal 97 — It Kills Your Vote

Contact the Constitution Revision Commission

PHONE: (850) 717-9550
ADDRESS: CRC, 400 S. Monroe Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399
EMAIL: admin@flcrc.gov 
WEBSITE: https://www.flcrc.gov/

How Powerful is the CRC?

Every 20 years the Constitutional Revision Commission meets with the awesome authority to refer constitutional amendments directly to the ballot — as many as it wishes, and the amendments may be packaged to include several different subjects. No other state has a similar body. Of the 37 commission members, the governor appoints 15, the Senate president and the House speaker each appoint nine, the chief justice of the state supreme court appoints three and the attorney general is an automatic member.

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